sâmbătă, 21 martie 2009

let's party!

5 comentarii:

  1. rock away !viata este scurta, sa profitam !

  2. ohooooo!vreau si eu!aduc bautura sau muzica?

  3. This is a good work too. I like the B/W and the perspective, you never thought to reduce the files, to give an overall view when we open your image? Brava, have a nice evening!!

  4. @Cornel: asa este! sa profitam ca doar o viata avem..sau cine stie?!

    @Ema: Ehee, din pacate la acea petrecere eram in misiune! So, no dance, no drinks for me!

    @Dungha: merci

    @Antonio: Grazie! I didn't think to reduce it, but I can try! Have a nice evening!